The Sacred Birth Symposium has a message for YOU:

BIRTH belongs to women…and it’s time for us to bring birth HOME.

The SBS Comprehensive Home Birth Guide

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If you’re pregnant right now (or plan to be)…you might feel nervous – because in 2023, pregnancy is treated like a medical condition, full of potential risks and worries…
Despite our society’s technocratic approach to fertility, pregnancy, and labor – our maternal and infant health outcomes worsen each year. 
Over one third of babies in the US are born via major abdominal surgery – and even low-risk pregnancies are medically managed, monitored, and manipulated.
America stands alone as both the most expensive and the most risky place to give birth – which is duly frightening. 
Yet, 100 years ago, birth was not a medical event!
You CAN give birth on your own terms – both where and how YOU choose!
If you’ve given birth within the medical system…you might wonder whether everything you went through was really necessary! 
The tests…the monitoring…the lack of autonomy…and maybe, worse than that, too – 
Is a better birth possible for mothers – and babies?
Unfortunately, few of us have the time or dedication to read all the research, suss out the scams, and uncover the most trustworthy local resources – especially within the relatively short timeline of pregnancy…
That’s why the SBS Comprehensive Home Birth Guide is an absolute game-changer!
In a single package, you’ll find all the teachings, resources, and information you need to feel confident and empowered throughout your pregnancy and postpartum.
From a breastfeeding masterclass and circumcision exposé, to intuitive prenatal and postpartum care beyond the medical system, the SBS Comprehensive Home Birth Guide offers a coherent, well-organized perspective on every key issue that new parents face- from a holistic, sovereign view.
With the wealth of experience and empowering wisdom these individuals have shared,
the SBS Comprehensive Home Birth Guide is sure to give you…
  • Increased confidence in your choices during pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond
  • Alternative + well-researched resources at your fingertips when you need them 
  • Access to a community of like-minded souls who share your dedication and mindfulness
  • A thorough understanding of all key topics related to homebirth and postpartum
  • Ample facts and statistics to back up your well-researched decisions

A Glimpse Inside

Birthing at HOME is way more

accessible, easy, and safe

than we’ve been taught to believe -

but we need something to guide us on this path…


Watching the SBS Comprehensive Home Birth Guide videos
may trigger a BIG shift in the way you view
pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and motherhood!

You are highly likely to emerge from these talks with a
greater sense of confidence as a parent, clarity in your decisions and choices, and plenty of evidence to back it all up!
Even better – you will be able to give your baby the incredible advantage of being born to parents who are…
  • aware of baby’s experience of birth as a conscious being
  • protective of the mother-baby bond and their bodily sovereignty
  • conscious of the microbiome and the impact of breastfeeding
  • clear on what a newborn actually needs (and doesn’t need!) in the early days
Did you know?
Homebirth is best for babies as well as mothers!
Babies who are born at home are more alert and inquisitive, calm, and responsive.
Babies born at home are less likely to have challenges with breastfeeding or sleep.
Homebirth allows babies to emerge into the warmth and tenderness of their own home, without bright lights, prodding hands, beeping machines, and the indifference of a hospital ward.
At home, birth can be observed as a sacred transition
…instead of an impersonal medical event.
Women who plan home births are much less likely to suffer from postnatal mood disorders – and they are more likely to feel supported by their partner and community.


As you watch each talk, you’ll discover wisdom-keepers and visionaries who offer safe, radical AND rational alternatives to the technocratic model of birth.
You’ll gain access to community-based, heart-centered, intuitive wisdom, with the experience of seasoned professionals. 
You’ll witness the expansion of your confidence as a mother…AND you’ll be resourced with the facts and perspective you’ll need to make informed, well-reasoned, heart-centered choices – even if they fly in the face of what society tells you you’re “supposed to” choose.
The Sacred Birth Symposium offers a rare and invaluable perspective of holism in an increasingly disjointed and anxious world, where they repeat such fallacies as “the only thing that matters is a healthy baby”…which dismisses the whole, nuanced truth!
Too many of us feel uncertain and isolated in pregnancy, and don’t know where to turn for support…
This is because we have lost our traditions of village wise women who help us navigate the maiden-to-mother journey with their gentle support and guidance. 
If you want a better birth than what the medical model has for sale – you need the wise counsel of sovereign sisters who have walked the path of home birth!
Instead of taking a typical childbirth class (where you might learn all about what to expect in the hospital!), you’ll actually save time and money by investing into a comprehensive education package like the Sacred Birth Symposium.

You don’t need to memorize a textbook to have a fantastic birth!

…but you’ll definitely benefit from the type of mindset-makeover that the Sacred Birth Symposium is offering!

These talks are meant to re-orient you

toward your innate wisdom, intuition, and instincts as a mother -

because the birth education we truly need

is a return to self-trust.

What you'll get

12 Radical Birth

Listen at your own pace

16+ hours of video content

Bonus Ebooks & Worksheets

SBS Comprehensive Home Birth Guide

$99 $79
  • Lifetime Access
  • Video Replays from SBS 2023
  • 100+ Page Companion Guide
  • ATX Birth Network Ebook

What’s inside the SBS Comprehensive Home Birth Guide?

12 Recorded Sessions + Q&A

Freedom from Intervention & Control, with Kate Rose, Holistic Birthkeeper
What Circumcision Reveals about the Medical System, with Brendon Marotta
Natural Fertility in the Modern World, with Steph Berry, Midwife & Herbalist
Toss the Toxins for Fertility, Pregnancy, and Beyond, with Branch Basics
Why Choose Home Birth? with Monika Stone, CPM, LM
Choosing the Right Team for your Homebirth, with Kristin Dudley, CPM, LM
What You Need to Know about Freebirth, with Tara Guzman, Birthkeeper
Reclamation: Wild Pregnancy and Freebirth after Cesarean, with Davana May Singletary
Connecting Within: Learn Your Intuitive Power with Sophrology, with Chloe Searcy, Holistic Birth & Postpartum Doula
Chiropractic Care: Peak Potential for Mother and Baby, with Dr. Logan Martin, DC
Breastfeeding with Confidence, with Dr. Jimi Francis, MS, PhD, IBCLC, RLC, RDN, LD
Postpartum Care: the Sacred Season, with Kate West and Priya Walton

PLUS these additional videos:

  • 57-minute collection of uncensored, intimate birth stories shared to uplift and inspire
  • 27-minute DIY Herbal Pregnancy Tea Workshop
  • 50-minute Sound Bath and Guided Meditation Session
BONUS CONTENT – You’ll also receive TWO highly valued eBooks as a special thank-you:
Our SBS Companion Guide, filled with over 100 pages of our speakers’ bonus materials & exclusive discounts
Our exclusive ATX Birth Network Resource Guide, with 20 categories of virtual and local businesses
we know and love, whose values align with sovereignty in birth!

A Complete Home Birth Curriculum, right at your fingertips!

The total value of a one hour consult with each of these 12 birth professionals is over


available to you today for ONLY


What women are saying about
Sacred Birth Symposium!

JulesDoula & SBS Attendee
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"As a doula and simply as a woman, the Sacred Birth Symposium was an incredibly resourceful event to attend. It was filled with incredible speakers, deep dives into my favorite birth topics, and even more, newer insights I hadn't had the opportunity to explore yet. There truly was something for every kind of birthworker and every kind of birthing woman.

For women outside the birthworker community, I can see how eye-opening and empowering the information shared was. I feel more resourced and more excited than ever before to continue serving women in the birthing world. The way we birth can change the world and ultimately change ourselves. Big thank you to Alison and Nelson for putting together such an amazing experience"
AshleighSBS Attendee
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"I was not pregnant at the time of the Sacred Birth Symposium, but knowing we would expand our family someday I was strongly called to attend the event.

My mind was blown away by the quality of information and experts that were gathered under one roof. To have key thought leaders and providers across the birthing spectrum brought in to share their most salient points of wisdom was invaluable and has saved me countless hours scrolling the internet and asking around looking for resources. I found the sessions to be just the right length - long enough to get deep on a topic but not overwhelming, and with recommendations for where and how to get more info. As I was taking in all of the information throughout the afternoon sessions, I felt a deep sense of inner peace knowing that these wise women and men were so aligned with many of my values, and also moved by new information that I know will take me deeper into this sacred space for my next birth.

After having 2 babies, I thought I was decently well educated on the natural birth space but this symposium opened my eyes even further and has given me the confidence to pursue a home birth with my next baby as we are expecting now. Thank you Alison and Nelson for blessing us with this wealth of knowledge!"
Chloé SearcySBS Speaker
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"I absolutely loved being a part of the Sacred Birth speaker team. Alison & Nelson were so welcoming, helpful and passionate about the event and made my experience so beautiful.

Alison & Nelson created an event full of education and information for women & their partner to learn from conception, to birth preparation to interventions to home birth and so much more! They wanted to give back the power to the parents to birth on their own terms by created a space where you can take informed decisions for your family. They also created a beautiful and strong community.

I loved learning from other speaker. All the speakers were so knowledgeable & brought something unique to the event. Not only the event was powerful by itself with so much information given during the 2 day weekend but also in the companion guide & the birth network ebook! If you want to learn more about home births and feel empowered about your choice don’t look further!"


No! This package is for anyone who is curious and open to expanding their beliefs around birth and mothering – and the information within will offer new perspectives – especially around awareness and choice – no matter where or how you ultimately give birth.

The SBS Comprehensive Home Birth Guide is a self-paced program, and you’ll have instant access starting from the time you purchase. You will have unlimited, lifetime access to all materials at no additional cost to you.

Normally, this package costs $99 USD, but right now it’s available for only $79 USD. Due to the nature of digital products, we do not offer refunds for any reason. If you have trouble accessing the course content for any reason, please reach out to us at for help!

Your birth experience has a massive impact on the emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing of both you and your baby. 
The way you begin sets the tone for breastfeeding, bonding, attachment, and so much more…
Simply put…

…and the Sacred Birth Symposium’s Comprehensive Home Birth Guide will help you to have a more empowered birth, and a sacred, nourished postpartum.
Don’t hesitate – you and your baby are worth it!
"I heard about the Sacred Birth Symposium from my Craniosacral therapist, and at the time I just found out I was pregnant. Everything in me was a YES to going. The summit was such a gift to attend in my early pregnancy! I learned about a variety of approaches to birthing beyond the Western medical paradigm, and heard birth stories from a variety of empowered women. I intuitively selected which sessions to attend, and all of the wisdom and knowledge was not an invitation to have a certain kind of pregnancy and birth experience. On the contrary, it left me empowered and equipped to tune even deeper into my inner knowing and sovereignty to start making aligned choices for this pregnancy and birth. If you're pregnant or are considering having a baby, I couldn't recommend SBS enough! It felt like so many of my questions got answered, and I didn't need to overwhelm myself with dozens of books and courses... rather, I've been feeling empowered to find the answers by gently pausing and tuning into my own heart."

Get the SBS Comprehensive Home Birth Guide today.

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